Since 1973, Corinne and Roger Vogel have provided a home and health care to more than 120 children. Of those, six children have never left their care – they were adopted into the Vogel family.

Fostering was not something they aspired to do as newlyweds. When their first biological child was just over 2 years old, the notion came to them, “We realized there are so many kids out there, and they need help. And, in the Bible it says to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and shelter the homeless.” They were living in Pennsylvania at the time, but became licensed in California when Roger’s job with Chevron brought them to Fairfield—and NorthBay—in 1985.

The Vogels are humble, but proudly share success stories and special memories. They also take great pride in caring for these children; they take them to pediatricians and specialists they’re already seeing, because they believe in consistency, even if that means making trips to Vacaville, Fairfield, Oakland, Sacramento, or San Francisco.

In 2010, the American Society honored the Vogels with the “Outstanding Foster Parents” award for Public Administration’s Section on Democracy and Social Justice. “The Vogels are an exceptional family. They demonstrate compassion, love, faith, and above all, the hope that these children need so they know there is a better day possible.” – Supervisor John Vasquez

The Vogels have established an annuity through NorthBay Healthcare Foundation so that the NICU will continue to receive funds into the future. They invite others to consider doing something similar.

They have no plans to retire, as there are children who need them.

“NorthBay has provided such valuable, essential services, we wanted to give back. Setting up an annuity was a way for us to ensure that these essential services are there for others.”

Corinne Vogel